Toy Car – Repurposed

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
Toy Car - Repurposed by dyannaanfang
Toy Car – Repurposed, a photo by dyannaanfang on Flickr.

I love how objects can seem to have faces and personalities. I imagine this earnest-looking vehicle content as a planter in this yard at:

9th and Virginia

(linking to Straight Out Of the Camera at )

  1. Teresa says:

    That is so cute! Glad you shared that interesting site with us.

  2. Coffee Queen says:

    Looks like a retired bumper car?? What a cool addition to a garden!

  3. Janis says:

    Soooo cute…yep it would make a very interesting planter!!!

  4. Jan says:

    Perfect re-purpose. Love your photo.

  5. Angela says:

    Love your photo and I would love to have that car!

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