Almost everyday I see something in Berkeley that I find so powerfully beautiful, sad, moving, strange or just memorable.  Here is today’s selected moment.

  1. Marie Galletta says:

    Me too Dyanna! I’ve been meaning to do a blog like this or a photo journal for awhile now! Maybe we should join forces??

  2. eni green says:

    Glad you liked my dachshund house come by sometime all dachshund

    lovers welcome

  3. Kate Harper says:

    Love your blog. I happen to be making a walking street art map of weird things in Berkeley. I walk around all the time and see strange stuff. I should email you some of my photos. I tend to look for things that are more “permanent”, but that’s the tricky part of mapping. I’m a Berkeley artist.

  4. Really fun, Kate. I love your cool finds!

  5. Good eye !
    Thanks for sharing.
    — Les

  6. Jeff C (zebramobile driver) says:

    Dyanna, have you seen the garage doors at 1107 & 1111 Ordway in North Berkeley?

    One has been made into a blackboard, with a basket of chalk provided, and the other has been magnetized & loaded up with refrigerator-magnets. Maybe one inspired the other . . . ?

    • Thanks for the tip, Jeff!! When I met you at the art car event, you told me about a place in south Berkeley that had lots of yard sculpture and was open to the public on Sundays. Could you please refresh my memory as to the location of that one? I appreciate your great ideas for the blog!

      • Jeff C (zebramobile driver) says:

        Hi Dyanna – that would be Marcia Donahue’s visionary house & garden at 3017 Wheeler (near Shattuck/Ashby)., She opens her doors most every Sunday afternoon, and it is worth travelling from Finland to see!

  7. Jeff C (zebramobile driver) says:

    Dyanna – guess what I saw in Berkeley this morning! a flock of 28 wild turkeys at the corner of Talbot & Gilman. No guarantees as to where they may be by now — but keep your eyes out for them, it’s quite a spectacle.

  8. Jeff C (zebramobile driver) says:

    Dyanna – have you seen the Wishing Tree at California & Jaynes in Berkeley? Very sweet – though it won’t last through the rainy season, I’m afraid . . .

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